Catalogues raisonnés of artists, 1780-2008



This detailed index lists the catalogues raisonnés of artists born between 1780 and the late 20th century and covers painting, sculpture, works on paper, engraving and contemporary media.


A catalogue raisonné is a standard reference book for questions touching on the legitimacy of works of art. It provides an exhaustive list of either the totality of an artist’s output, or the complete work in a given medium or for a determined period. Whatever form it takes, the catalogue raisonné will list for each work the usual technical data, provenance and history, as well as a complete bibliography and a reproduction of the piece. The “catalogue raisonné” section of the A. C. I., Art Catalogue Index ends with a list under the heading “catalogue” that focuses on works that are non exhaustive yet necessary in research.


The A. C. I. aims to fill a bibliographic gap by offering a critically conceived index listing all catalogues raisonnés. With a smart, intelligible design, this concise work presents the catalogues in alphabetical order, first by artist, then author, providing rapid access to information. Nowadays, whether one is a museum curator, art historian, art critic, librarian, bookseller, student, collector, expert, auctioneer, gallery owner or art dealer, the catalogue raisonné is an indispensable tool of the trade.


The A. C. I. project first took shape in 2004 when Marc Blondeau, of BFAS Blondeau Fine Art Services in Geneva, suggested producing such an index to Thierry Meaudre, of Librairie Lardanchet in Paris. What followed was four long years of intensive research by Noëlle Corboz and Cécile de Pebeyre, the project’s two researcher-archivists, who generated 2,700 notices on 1,500 catalogues raisonnés of 900 artists.


The Art Catalogue Index comes with a fine scholarly introduction by Rainer Michael Mason, the former curator of Geneva’s print museum, the Cabinet des Estampes des Musées d’art et d’histoire. Mr. Mason gives the history of how the catalogue raisonné evolved over the years.


This publication is the first of two planned volumes. The second, to be brought out at a later date, will focus on the Old Masters born before 1780. The work will be produced and published in collaboration with Etienne Bréton, a specialist of ancient painting based in Paris.

A. C. I. Art Catalogue Index

Catalogues raisonnés of artists, 1780-2008

English / French, June 2009

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A. C. I.

Art Catalogue Index

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